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Excavating and Agriculture Profiles

We at Özkan Steel, can produce single, double, and triple grouser track shoe profiles with improved crack resistance and increased wear resistance to prolong the shoe life and increase heavy equipment performance. All our track shoe profiles are available in rolled condition, in quenched and tempered, or in machined to end product, ready to be mounted.

We can also supply Grouser Bars for regrousing of your track shoes. Grouser Bars are produced with the same grades as the track shoes and can be supplied cut to length and quenched and tempered for improved wear resistance.

Our extensive range of standard and custom design cutting edge (single/double bevel) and grader blade profiles are available in a numerous range of low tensile strength and toughness, carbon steel, and heat treatable boron steel grades. Özkan boron steel grades provide high strength and toughness after heat treatment process and provide significant cost reduction in welding operations, where the blades are welded to the end use area and have enchanted wear resistance. We can also supply machined, heat treated, and shop primer coated cutting edge and grader blades, ready to be mounted.

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