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Mining and Tunneling Profiles

As underground mines and tunnels encounter interchanging compressive strata conditions, resilient support methods must be implemented to guarantee safety.

Toward this demand, Özkan Steel has improved its product range with mining and tunneling profiles, with the aim to become one of the most reliable steel partners in the mining and tunneling industry, where the quality of our products directly affects the safety of the structure.

At Özkan Steel we know the responsibility to produce high -quality mining and tunneling profiles and, therefore, control and document every process (from melting up to bending) of our production and ensure our profiles meet every international specification. Also, every process is conducted at Özkan Steel production sites, and no third companies are involved, which ensures strict control of our production.

All of these advantages enabled Özkan to establish its name in the market. Our underground steel support systems and monorail profiles are well proven and widely accepted all over the world, for the last 10 years.

We offer the most extensive range of yielding support systems, TH, V, K, SWP, rigid support systems GI, HEB, HEA, IPE, IPN, and monorail profiles I140E, I140V in various numbers of qualities because of latest technology in-house steel production and more than half a century of experience in the hot rolling process.

We have key solutions for our partners, such as bending, machining, clamps for yielding support system connections, welded parts, and welding. 

This enables Özkan Steel customers to purchase the whole system, ready to be mounted in the end use area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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