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Rail Profiles and Railway Accessories

Özkan Steel has undergone the strict quality control of most of European state railway companies, has fulfilled all of their requirements, and has been awarded the allowance to be a direct supplier. Besides national railway companies, Özkan Steel is supplying its products to countries around the globe, such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, and Saudi Arabia.

Current range of products for the rail sector include base plates (as rolled or machined), guard rails, Crane rails, clips, and fishplates.

At Özkan Steel we can supply base plates, either as rolled or as machined, in various sizes as per customer request. As an additional service, we can meet special customer requirements with different possible processes, such as sawing, drilling, milling, and marking.

We can also supply, as rolled or machined, 33C1 Guard Rails with different steel grades, such as the most common ones R260, R320Cr and OZM1200. As an additional service, Özkan Steel can machine Guard Rails, according to customer specifications.

As addition, we can serve you with all other hot rolled profiles needed in Railway systems. Example for these profiles are Fishplate and Clip profiles.

The newest addition to our Railway product range are Crane Rails. We can supply Crane Rails in various sizes and standards, according to your needs.

With the strength of our official Research and Development Center, we are ready to extend our product range and are open to developing new profiles required by you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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