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Special Light Steel Profiles

At Özkan Steel, we developed light beam profiles (IPE A, IPE AA, IPE AAA, IPE AAAA and IPE AS), which can achieve reduction in weight up to 38%, as compared to normal IPE series, without losing structural strength. Also, our light U channels profiles (UPE A) can achieve reduction in weight up to 19%, as compared to normal UPE series. As these profiles are hot rolled, they have higher mechanical values, compared to cold formed profiles. Also, light beam profiles in ASTM standard are available (W Shape, S Shape, M Shape, HP Shape, C Shape and MC Shape).

These profiles are widely used in steel construction applications, containers, trailers, and greenhouse constructions.

Economic advantages of using these profiles can be as follows:
 Lower material (steel) loss compared to other profiles.
 Due to its light weight, it is applicable in poor ground conditions and lower foundation cost.
 Less transportation cost.
 Steel applications are possible in any weather condition, and application time is shorter, compared to other construction materials.
 Since steel is a durable and reusable material, dismounted steel support materials from buildings can be used in another construction.
 Using hot rolled light steel profiles, instead of cold formed bended plates, decreases labor cost and increases profit.
 Using hot rolled light steel profiles in trailers and containers increases durability, compared to cold formed bended plates, and decreases total weight, which means more loading capability.

For light steel profiles not mentioned in our catalogue, please contact us.

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