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Special Profiles

Özkan Steel is known in the global steel market as a specialist for hot rolled special steel profiles. Our know-how in hot rolling that has been accumulated since 1953 is our most important assurance for highest quality steel profiles.

Our highly -trained and motivated employees work closely with our partners to design and produce the most suitable steel profiles and grades they require for their application. We also continuously work in our official Research and Development Center to develop new profiles for our customers and offer them the support they need for steel products. This enabled us to supply tailor made profiles for some of the largest companies in the world to help ensure the highest quality standards in their projects.


Why Special Profiles?

1. Cost effective - reduced machining
2. Eliminating scrap for consequent raw material saving
3. Dimensional Accuracy
4. Retaining mechanical and material characteristics
5. Smooth and clean surface
6. Well formable, machinable, and weldable profiles

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