Laboratory Studies

Chemical Analysis

Raw material and product chemical analysis controls are conducted with 1 ARL 3460 and 1 Spectro Test TXC-C03 optical emission spectrometry devices in our chemical analysis laboratory. Samples to be analyzed for chemical properties are prepared with sensitive surface processing equipment and are cleared of any defects that could negatively affect the test results.

Mechanical Properties

1 Dartec and 1 Instron tensile tests, 1 FIE and 1 Instron charpy impact tests are used in our mechanical laboratory. Tensile test samples can be tested in room temperature after being prepared with sensitive CNC stands under the National/international standards; charpy impact test samples can be tested after being conditioned between -80ºC / +24ºC. All test equipment found in our mechanical laboratory are put to calibration periodically, according to the requirements of TS 16949 and ISO 9001 quality management systems.

Metallographic Examinations

Samples prepared with sensitive sample processing equipment are measured for grain size with 1 metal microscope (automatic driven and able to enlarge 50X-100X-500X), determination of residual, decarburization depth measurement, hardness test with Vickers micro hardness test device, and hardenability test (Jominy) are performed in our metallography laboratory.