Wide Product Range

Özkan Steel specializes in the production of special bar qualities throughout the world. The available products for SBQ industry are an extensive range of Round Bars, Square Bars, Flat and Wide Flat Bars. Besides these bars, we also produce spring flat bars, beveled flat bars, boron flats, trailer flats, fork flats, grader blades and shredder flat bars for agriculture, excavating and automotive industries.

Flats Bars 40-150 mm
Wide Flat Bars 160-550 mm
Square Bar 20-200 mm
Round Bar 22-260 mm
Grader Blade Profiles  152,4-203,4 mm
Single Bevel Cutting Edge Profiles  100-400 mm
Double Bevel Cutting Edge Profiles  120-406 mm

Rounded Edge (Profile A), Semirounded Edge (Profile B), Straight End and Rounded Edge (Profile C), Ribbed and Grooved Spring Flats, Single Bevel Flats, Grooved Single Bevel Flats, Double Bevel Flats, Grader Blades, Special Flats and many more…

Steel Grades

Our steel grade varieties include customer specific steel grades from our melt shop, as well as the following standard steel grades;

Shipbuilding Steels Presure Vessel Steels
Boron Steels Rail Steels
Q+T Steels Mining and Tunneling Steels
Spring Steels Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel
Resulphurized Steels Structural Steels
Case Hardening Steels Flame Hardening Steels
High Strength Steels Micro Alloyed Steels
Carbon Steels Bearing Steels
Nitriding Steels Plastic Mould Steels


Frequent Rolling Schedule

We have regular rolling campaigns for round and square bars every 30 days. We also offer the most regular and reliable rolling of Beveled Flats and Flat Bars to ensure high flexibility and short lead times for our partners.

Extra Services

Up on request following extra services can be provided;

• Cold Sawing

• Special Straightening

• Shot Blasting & Priming

• Machining such as surface milling, drilling


Our extensive amount of material stock ensures that our partners with emergency needs will not suffer any delays in their projects.