Long Lasting Service

With our years of experience in producing special profiles, Track Shoe Profiles is another special product that Özkan has been developing together with our customers.

Apart from dimensional size, this development stage also includes determing the best chemical steel analysis to increase crack resistance and wear resistance in order to prolong shoe life.

Currently we are able to roll Single, Double and Triple grouser profiles from 120mm to 450mm width with different tooth sizes.

Additionaly, we are able to design and produce any size of grouser bars for regrousing worn out track shoes.

Product Range

Our in-house design engineers are capable of planning the production of most track shoe profiles. The product range and flexibility of our three mills give us the capability to roll from the smallest to the largest track shoe profiles.

Currently, our inventory is made up of customer specific profiles which are exclusively produced for our customers. Our team is always eager to develop new tracks shoe profiles and are ready to serve your requirments.

Customer / Project Based Production

As Özkan Steel, we place the utmost importance on our customer service and as such we take on the production of these special profiles with the customer at the forefront of our minds. We ensure the production of all material is in compliance with the customer’s demands from start to finish.

Production Timing

We make regular production runs for our customers and create delivery schedules that conform to their need for on-time shipment of material. Due to the customer specific nature of producing track shoes, apart from special agreements, we do not maintain stock of this material.