Kenan Özkan

Mr. Kenan Özkan, son of İbrahim Özkan, a constructor in Kırşehir, was born in 1928 in Izmir.

1938 When he was just 10 years old, he worked as a lather apprentice to İsmail Atik.

1951 He became the master constructor of the Eritenel Machine Plant.

1953 He manufactured the “First Rolling Mill Stand” with his friend. He made good capital after he sold the first machine.   

1955 He founded Defas Steel Plant in Izmir-Çınarlı as a four-partnered enterprise.

1965 He founded Izmir-Karabağlar plant of the same corporation. Besides the construction bars, he produced rebar, profiles and flats.

1972 The four-partnered Defas Steel Plant was liquidated however he was the sole person to continue down this path.

1973 He never considered giving up and restarted with two stands rolling mill in Izmir-Buca. This time, he had a reliable partner i.e. his oldest son S. Mehmet with him. He actualized his first production for the tire rim profile industry and sent his son to Middle East Technical University for the BS degree enabling him to have a strong career.

Kenan Özkan

1975 He implemented a third stand in his plant for Flat and Rebar production.

1983 He founded his four-stand- billet mill in Izmir-Buca. During the completion of this rolling mill, his middle son Mustafa who had completed his Mechanical Engineering education in Germany was great support for his father.

1985 He was very excited since it was the first Angles to be exported to Germany. Meanwhile, his youngest son Uğur completed his education in Economics in 9 Eylül University and the foundation of commerce was laid.

1991 "Small Size Profile Mill” nr 1 was founded in Izmir-Aliağa. The capacity of this plant tripled that of Buca.

1993 “Medium Size Profile Mill” nr 2 was founded in Izmir-Aliağa.

1995 “Big Size Profile Mill” nr 3 was founded in Izmir-Aliağa.

1999 60t/h capacity revision of the “Medium Size Profile Mill” in full continuous system was started.

Kenan Özkan

2000 -  Kenan Özkan passed away leaving unforgettable memories for both his family and his country with the achievement of being the leader of a plant which is one of the most productive and well known industrial organizations in addition to providing many benefits to the economy.

He never liked money, extravagance or ostentation… He believed in life, humanity and affection.