Market Leader

Özkan Steel is the market leader for Bulb Flats and other shipbuilding & offshore profiles. Our extensive experience in the Shipbuilding market makes us the preferred solution partner in Steel for majority of the largest projects in the world.

Full Range

Özkan is the only producer of Bulb Flats who can offer the full range of Bulb Flats from its own production. Besides Bulb Flats, we are also able to produce Inverted Angles, Equal Angles, Unequal Angles, Flats, Wide Flats and Round bars in Shipbuilding Grades.

Bulb Flats 60-430 mm
Inverted Angles 200-450 mm
Equal Angles 20-250 mm
Unequal Angles 30-250 mm
Flats and Wide Flats 40-550 mm
Round Bars 23-260 mm

Steel Grades

Our Bulb Flats and other profiles are available in the following standard steel grades ( upon request, customer specific steel grade production is available ) ;

       • GRADE A                    • GRADE B

       • GRADE D                    • GRADE E

       • GRADE AH 32            • GRADE AH 36

       • GRADE AH 40            • GRADE DH 32

       • GRADE DH 36            • GRADE DH 40

       • GRADE EH 32            • GRADE EH 36

       • Gost A 40S                 • Gost D 40S

       • FH32                           • FH36

       • EH40

Quality and Certification

Our continuous strive for excellence and customer satisfaction is the driving force to keep our market leadership. We have been approved from well-known International Classification Organizations, which include but not limited to;
Lloyds Register
Class NK

Shot Blasting & Priming, Edge Prepration

We are able to supply Bulb Flats and other profiles in Shot blasted and primed condition (primer type used according to customer specification) eliminating additional operation for our customers.

Also, upon request we are able to prepare the edges of Bulb Flats for better contact with plates before welding with our inhouse design automatic edge machining.

Customer / Project Based Production

We are well aware that major projects require special solutions. We are able to produce according to customer special specifications to help them achieve the results for their projects.

We are also able to design special Bulb Flats with our customer for their most challenging projects.

Frequent Rolling Schedule

Compared to our competitors we have the most frequent rolling of Bulb Flats to ensure high flexibility and short lead times for our partners.


Our large amount of Bulb Flat stock ensures that our partners with emergency needs won’t suffer any delays in their projects.